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When Should You Hire An Attorney To Help With Your Personal Injury Case?

Contrary to popular belief, you don't always need an attorney to help you litigate a personal injury case. Sometimes people manage to get the compensation they are entitled to on their own. However, determining whether you can handle your own case or you need a lawyer's help can be tough. Here are a few pieces of advice to help you decide when you can go it alone and when you should call for assistance:

The Insurance Company Starts Being Difficult

Insurance companies make their money by paying as few claims as possible and giving claimants as little money as possible in the cases where they do payout. Therefore, it shouldn't be surprising that your insurance company will look for any reason it can use to avoid writing you a check for your damages and losses.

You may be spared the company's machinations if you have a reasonably tight case. For instance, the insurance company may not try to deny liability if you have solid proof the defendant's action caused your injury, nor will it try to low-ball you if you can account for all your damages and losses (e.g. have receipts and bills to back up your claim for compensation).

On the other hand, you can expect some pushback from the insurance company if the defendant can put up a reasonable defense to allegations of liability or you are asking for damages that are typically subjective (e.g. pain and suffering). If the insurance company seems to be giving you the runaround or has stopped discussing the case or negotiating with you altogether, it's time to get a lawyer to help.

You Suffer a Long-Term or Permanent Disability

Once a case has been resolved, it is nearly impossible to reopen it to get more money from the defendant at a later date. Therefore, if you suffer a long-term or permanent disability, you must request all the money you'll need to treat your condition and mitigate its effects on your future all at once.

It can be difficult determining how much money you should ask for, especially since it can be hard to predict the full extent your disability will have on your life. Additionally, defendants and insurance companies typically balk at having to pay such large amounts of money upfront, so you can expect a lot of pushback from both that may get wearying after a while.

In this situation, you may be better served by an attorney who has experience handling these sorts of issues. The lawyer can calculate the amount of money you need as well as work with the defendant (or insurance company) to ensure you get what's due.

If you think you need help with your personal injury case, contact a law office like Cascade Law Corporation who can provide advice about issues you're struggling with.